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What Makes A Great Wedding Picture

 Wedding photographers

You’ve probably seen a lot of great wedding pictures on the net, wedding blogs or in magazines.

And like many people you though to yourself: “How may i take pictures likes this?”, “What makes great

photography?”, “How can I become a better wedding photographer?” Unfortunately looking

at wedding ceremony and party pictures doesn’t help taking better photographs until you know what to look for.

Today our Toronto professional wedding photographers blog presents a short primer on creating wedding ceremony and party


 Wedding photographers

In this article we would like to show you how by staying with some basic and simple rules can assist you

become a better photographer. By understanding and using these simple guidelines, you will see how

to look to see beautiful pictures on earth around you. We will present what helps you to develop an

power to create powerful images, and ways to train your “photographer’s eye” to identify

photographic opportunities for compelling images in any situation.

Let’s start by considering these four simple rules.

1. A bit of good photograph has a theme or universal meaning. Quite simply a successful picture has

to share with a story. It must communicate some emotions or ideas. It should be so universal that

now you may identify and view the meaning of it.

2. An effective picture will have easily identifiable subject. There must a clear focal point of the


3. A fantastic photograph will have target the most important elements. There will be a clear

emphasis on what's meaningful. The main subject of curiosity will be in full focus.

4. An effective image simplifies. It only includes those elements that are important to the story it

communicates. So put simply, creating great wedding photography is all about excluding or

diminishing element that eliminate from the main theme. Only include stuff that are

important or necessary. Like someone said beauty is approximately simplicity.

Our main job as Toronto wedding photographers is telling a story with photographs - nothing more or

nothing else. So when we take pictures at weddings we only use these rules to perform our

goals. By remembering these basic features just like having a clear subject, creating greater visual impact by

focusing the viewer’s attention about the subject, or simplifying by removing clutter or unnecessary

information in the images, we can without difficulty make our job easier.

By starting to think with regards to these guidelines and rules, you'll too immediately start seeing the

world who are around you in a different way. You will also start creating better pictures. We guarantee it.

These simple rules will be the fundamental basis which you should build your photographer’s eye.


By Avangard Photography | Toronto Photography